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Start workflow with one click

Question asked by amccollough on Nov 4, 2014
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This is for NW2010. I'm getting a lot of grief over the amount of button clicks needed to start a workflow. While I chalk some of that up to typical complaining, I must admit, the complainer does have a point. You have a row highlighted in a library/list. Click the big "Workflows" icon in the Ribbon. Click the workflow icon for the workflow to start. Or... from the ECB for that list item, pick the "Start" action created from within Nintex Workflow Properties for that workflow.


In both cases, this does not start the workflow. Instead, you end on a page displaying the graphical representation of the workflow, along with a Start/Cancel button pair.


YES, I get it, the graphical workflow display is pretty. Congratulations to the Nintex team (it is a nice workflow display indeed). But my customer doesn't want to see it. They click "Start" and they want the workflow to start. That intermediate page does my customer no good (this is their assertion, not mine).


SO, how do I get this accomplished?