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Is there any way to bulk delegate flexi-tasks of an in-flight workflow?

Question asked by willcipriani on Mar 8, 2018
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Please consider the following scenario:

  • There is a workflow which set a flexi task. But instead of assign this flexi task to a SharePoint group, the designer of this workflow opted to work with an auxiliary list called "Control" containing the approvers.
  • In the beginning of the workflow, it does a look up at the "Control" list to retrieve the approvers and store in a variable called "FinalApprovers".
  • At a certain point, the workflow assign individual tasks for each person listed in "FinalApprovers" variable.
  • Some weeks later, two new people joined the task force to make the final approvals, but as the "FinalApprovers" variable is set only in the beginning of the workflow, these new colleagues are not receiving tasks.
  • Now they have hundreds of workflows running, and restart all of them is not an option.


As we know, there is no way to change an in-flight workflow in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint.

I thought about creating an external workflow, triggered every time a task is created, and use the "Delegate Workflow Task" action, but it needs the task Action ID which is not the same as the task ID. So it is not an option, unless someone knows how to find the Flexi-task Action ID in a running workflow.


Also tried to change the Workflow Task assignee, but it didn't work. The new assignee can't respond to the task.


Any thoughts about this?