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Create List and Update it

Question asked by jleckard on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by emha

I am stumped here. I want to create a task list from a template that contains a set of standard task (about 8) already in it.  Then I want to update the due date on the new task list from a calculated date I create earlier in my workflow.  My issues is 

1. each task date is different 

2.  I am not sure how to update a task list that doesn't exist.  I thought about doing a web services call but would I have to do that for EACH item?(There will be about 8)


I could create a blank task list and then add each task with a due date but again I am not sure how to do so since each task is different. Maybe create item and then list out all 8?  This seems rather ineffective but maybe I have to do so. 


what I have is  a List as so I run a workflow on create of these items that make the Task list for Math

Program Review    Start Date

1. Math               5/1/2018

2. Science            6/1/2018


Task List                Due Date

1 Set Meeting       -7 Start Date

2 Set Site Visit      +30 Start Date  

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW I have Sharpoint 2013 on-prem and Nintext for same.