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Listview control on list with folders?

Question asked by stempb on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by stempb

I have a listview control on my form.   The list being viewed has folders.   Anything that is in a folder is not showing in the control.   How can I get the items to show in the control that are in folders?


I have tried setting the view referenced by the control to not to show folders.   That did not help.   I also tried a CAML query but that didn't help either.


<Eq><FieldRef Name="ParentID"/><Value Type="Text">ID</Value></Eq><QueryOptions><ViewAttributes Scope='Recursive' /></QueryOptions>


I think the problem there is the listview control does not like the where clause and the QueryOptions need to be outside the where.



Any ideas on how to get this done?