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Nintex Form - Re calculate when value changes on hidden field

Question asked by soni.tumu on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by N M

Hello there -

I have a requirement where I have a single block where Quantity and Amount fields present. And then I will have a checkbox to choose more 5 blocks then it will show 5 more Quantity and Amount fields. I need to show user the total amount of above all 6 blocks (Qty1*Amt1)+(Qty2*Amt2).. and so on

I have a calculated control with above formula which is working fine.

But I have Javascript which does the job of clearing the data on Qty2, Amt2 .... Qty6, Amt6 fields data when checkbox is unchecked. when this happens Calculated control is not updating the Total value. (Q2,A2...Q6,A6 are hidden and calculated control can't take these values as null in hidden mode might be the reason as per my understanding).


But can anyone help me in fulfilling this requirement in any other way would be a great help to me!

PS: I have a workflow to calculate all values from above fields and update a back-end SharePoint list column with Calculated value which is of Currency type. But Nintex form is not allowing to show this calculated type list column on form.

I thought of using Nintex Calculated control so I can update Total in real-time but I stuck at above section.