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How to move an attachment from infopath form at time of submission using Nintex 2007

Question asked by erin on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by tschaef

Hi - hoping someone can help.  I have Nintex 2007, using with an Infopath form.  I'm trying to convert my infopath form to a web form so it can be used on a mac.  In doing so, I have now run into a size issue.  The form allows users to add 1 to many attachments, and because of my portal limitations, I am limited to 5MB.  So I am trying to create a workflow using Nintex to take the attachment from the infopath form and move it to a shared document library at the time of submission - not just copy it.  The infopath form itself will not save with an attachment > 5MB.  I can't allow the users to simply enter a URL either, too many errors in getting the correct URL....   Thanks so much for any help!