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Filter and sort ListView Control based on 3 Columns

Question asked by spspecialist on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by emha

Dear All,


I am very knew to Nintex and just started my work with Nintex.

We are required to display the list data based on below 3 conditions based on 3 columns (Customer Category, Test Type ,Exercise Result) and sort with column (stage Plan) 

           1.  Customer Category : 0,1,1d,2,5

           2.  Test Type is equal to : "TableTop" (It is Choice Control)

           3.   Exercise Result is : Null or blank

           4.   And finally sort the list-view with Column "stage Plan".


Now I would like to know which path is right to go either with filtering based on control value's or opting with "CAML Query" , And how can I do it.