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Approval Request via shared Email / Group account - not possible??

Question asked by bimi82 on Mar 7, 2018
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I am trying to implement a worklow where the Flexi Task approval request is sent to a shared email (resource).

Somehow not having much luck here and makes me believe that there must be a User account instead.


I created a Permission group called HR Staff (Approval permissions) and within that group I have added the shared email account.  The workflow does send the approval request to that email BUT when trying to approve it shows:


* You are not authorized to respond to this task.


Even although the shared email group has got the Approval permissions.


The Scope:


Currently, there are 3 members of staff who look after the approval process. The workflow does sent an approval request to each of the members > who complain and rather want ONE central approval section. Ideally they want to the approval request to be sent to the shared email account and then be able to approve individually.


My initial thought was to create a Group in domain active directory and then make the workflow send those request to that group. However, the workflow pends at that particular Flexi Task (assigned to: SampleNameGroup) but none of the members of the group receive any email notification for approval.


So, I am kind of stuck and unsure if this is even possible or I am lacking in knowledge to get this sorted.



Please advise.