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Workflow does not start on Document Checkout

Question asked by opurnerly on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by opurnerly

I want to create a workflow in Nintex Workflow that reminds users of checked out files. Since I didn't find a column in Sharepoint itself where the date of the checkout is stored, I created a library workflow which should start with "New Elements" and "On Changes". This workflow "SetCheckOutDate" only writes the current date into the empty column "CheckOutDate".


Furthermore there is a Site Workflow "CheckCheckOutDate", which checks daily at 09:00 o' clock whether there are still checked out documents and if the date "CheckOutDate" is older than 24h. If this is the case, a reminder will be sent to the user who has checked out the document and will then be terminated, if it is less than 24h, no reminder will be sent.


Unfortunately, "SetCheckOutDate" does not start automatically when I check out a document in the library. How else can I set the date when a document is checked out?