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Request data will not complete

Question asked by esemuhdeoh on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by paavoheikkinen


we are currently on SP2013, Nintex WF


I created a workflow with a request data Action. The Action will create a new CT, I added some fields to the CT and everything should work perfectly (not the first WF I am Building). Also the Person who has to answer the request has enough permissions (added the user as Site Collection admin).

When I want to answer the request (clicking button "complete Task") nothing happens. I thought that maybe something is wrong with the CT or the fields, to I created a new CT with no fields, so that I only can say "complete Task" and don't have any opinion to enter information. This also wont work. I don't get any error, there just seems to happen nothing.

I also set all the fields to optional so that I don't miss a fields that I maybe forgot to fill.


Can anyone help?