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Calculate days between dates

Question asked by bimi82 on Feb 27, 2018
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Hello all.


I have created an absence list where users can select the dates which by default the time is set to 00:00

It is OK until you use the information to create a calendar.


example: from 27/02/2017 00:00 until 28/02/2017 00:00 > actually means 2 days

because it is the whole day of 27th as well as the whole day of 28th.


but majority of users would class it as 1 day only.

How to overcome this problem?


The form has got From Date and Until Date for selection.



The calculated value has got the formula copied from this page


Now, here are the issues;


- some users select only the FROM date example 27/02/2018 00:00 for 1 day

- some users select From 27/02/2018 00:00 Until 27/02/2018 00:00 for 1 day


If the times are not modified then the formula does not know what to do when 00:00 on same day.
Technically if it is 1 day then it would be like this: 27/02/2018 00:00 Until 27/02/2018 23:59


This is so the calendar view can pick up the date & times.

How can I make so the default timing for the UNTIL date is automatically set to 23:55 (that's highest I can select).?


As well as to exclude the weekends days and show only working days.


Examples below:




What is the best approach for this ?!