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run as workflow owner does not apply to workflow tasks list

Question asked by ckazan on Nov 4, 2014
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Running Nintex Workflow 2013 version: on Sharepoint 2013.

I have a State Machine action at the root of my workflow configured to run with owner permissions, the owner being a farm administrator account.

in the tree under it, i got a request data task assigned to the initiator user whose access on the list item is restricted to View only and who has the same level of access on the "Workflow Tasks" list.

When the user performs the task, the workflow fails with an access denied error. It only works if i grant the user Contribute access on the "Workflow Tasks" list, which i don't want to do.

If the workflow is running with owner permissions, I don't understand why the user needs to have contribute access to this list in order to be able to perform the action.

I want access to be locked down so is there a way i can identify the workflow task item in question and grant him access to only that item? would that work?