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How to update the list item "Created By (Author)" field?

Question asked by jun on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by kapilkjoshi

Hi all,


We have recently implemented a workflow using Nintex Workflow on our system. There are two lists, called User and Submitted.


On the “User” list, any domain users can submit an Nintex form to this list but we don’t want people to see other one’s submissions. So in the Advanced settings of this list, we have set that user can only Read/Create/Edit items that were created by the user. 


After an item is added to the User list, a workflow will move this item from the User list to the Submitted list.


In the Submitted list, there is a workflow that sends out a task to a person (Using Assign Flexi Task action) to complete. If the person respond the task as “Send back”. This item will then be sent back to the User list.


Once the initial submitter trying to access the item that was sent back to the User list. They get an “No item found” error message. I noticed once an item is sent back, the “Created By” column has the value of the workflow publisher rather than the initial submitter. So I figured this error is due to the settings that we set on the Advanced settings which limit people to see their own items.

Give full control to the item does not solve the problem, however if the submitter has Full Control on the list, the error goes away.


We really need to let people access the items that have been sent back to the Users list and not giving the people full control.


A couple of approaches that I’ve tried:

  1. Use the Call Web Service action to give full control to the submitter on the list, then remove the permission once the item is moved to the Submitted list again. This is not ideal because a submitter may have multiple items on the list that were sent back from the Submitted list. If they complete one, their permission is removed and they won’t be able to access other items.
  2. Use the Call Web Service action to update the Created By (Author) column with the submitter’s name. I can use this action to update any other fields except the Created By and Modified By columns.


Has anyone also tried to update the "Created By" column? How did you do it?


If you have seen this problem before or know a solution to this problem, would love to hear from you.