Pause until date in list column = current date

Discussion created by lynnkkp on Feb 21, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I work on a workflow which should only run if a specific date = the current date.


Each promotion has a start and an end date

End and Start Date

Depending on the Start and End date, the forecast update date, the invoices reminder date and the official sales-out volumes date are created in the same list as a column.



calculated dates

I want to create a workflow which reminds on these three dates to update figures.

But I do not know, how to set up the condition, that the task / notification is only send when Forcast Update date / Invoices Reminder Date / Official sales-out volumes date = current date ..

I tried it with building a variable, which has the default date "today" and and pause until, but it didn't work and the notification was send today because the variable said "today"...


variable "Current_date"

Pause until try


Can you help me please?