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Published Nintex form won't appear as default form

Question asked by akalmar on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by akalmar

I've created and published a Nintex form on SharePoint Online but when I open to view the items on the associated list or create a new item on that list, the SharePoint versions of the form come up instead.  Only in edit mode do I see the customized Nintex form that I've created. I know there's a PowerShell script that can fix this in SharePoint on premises and I have found that to work quite nicely, but, does this script need to be adjusted for SharePoint Online?  I've noticed that there's quite a difference in the URL's for each of the 3 forms (originally known as "NewForm.aspx", "EditForm.aspx", and "DispForm.aspx") on SharePoint/Nintex Online.  Has anyone used this script on SharePoint Online?  


Please let me know and thanks in advance!