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What are your best practices / tips'n'tricks?

Question asked by mai-kel on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by rhia

Hi all,


there are a lot of things that you notice after you have worked with NINTEX for some time. Sometime it is joy, sometime it is pain. 

But certainly you will develope some kind of practices when working with NINTEX. I would like to see some of your tips'n'tricks here.


To start with I have the following best practice from myself concerning naming convention of variables within NINTEX Workflows


I often see something like varName1, varName2, etc. 
I like this naming scheme - indicating the data type - better: txtName1, numName2, pogName3, intName4, ynName5, etc.


It is only a tiny nugget of information, but it always helps me a lot!





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