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Send Notification not working for some users

Question asked by ivan.sunnam on Feb 22, 2018
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Hi All,


 I have recently set up a list workflow for a SP 2013 list, which is basically generating a report and sending it out to respective users mentioned in one of the columns of the list. 


1. I have used Set Variable (lets say, UserName), to fetch the User from Current Item with return type - User - Display Name

2. I used same variable, UserName, in Send Notification "To:" 


In our SharePoint farm, we have user accounts synced from 2 different Domains. Some people have accounts in both the domains. Ex: Tom Hanks. But I need only one of them to be considered.

The issue, when UserName variable is looking for Tom Hanks, the email is not sent. 

Fun part - Workflow is completed successfully, without any error.


So, I asked Active Directory team to change Display Name of Tom Hanks, in the not - important Domain as "Tom Hanks Cast Away"

The other important Domain account still has "Tom Hanks"


I ran the same WF - WF Successful - No Email sent. (I was in Cc, neither did I receive any).


Any idea ??