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"Item with same key already added" Configuration error

Question asked by karmaq on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by eharris04

I am trying to do the following:


1. When a user marks a document in our Document library as needing updates, I want the workflow to create a new Document Request saying as much in our Assignments list. 
2. However, the Create Item action gives me the above validating configuration error when I try.

Full text of the validating configuration error

I've used the same action to create an item on a simpler list - Announcements and encounter no such error.

But when I try to create a new Doc Request, this error shows up and I can't even save the workflow and reopen it, let alone run it.  Additionally, in the Configuration fields that appear, two Description fields are listed even though the Assignments list only asks for one.  (Note: Doc Requests require a lot of metadata, which is why I want to automate the process for Updates.)

Any ideas on what's causing the issue?  I've gone Googling but cannot find a solution that applies.

Here are the fields that appear when you open the Create Item action:

List of New Doc Request Fields
See how there are 2 Description Fields.  The error occurs as soon as I select Team assignments as the location for the new item.

Selection that triggers error

Any help appreciated.  I can attach other details if it helps.


Rae Ann