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Cancellation Workflow

Question asked by bimi82 on Feb 20, 2018
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Hello All,


I have a current workflow which goes through 2 approval processes > Manager > HR. Meaning, I have two separate Flexi Tasks instead of One and have 2 approval required.  Reason for not going with 1 x Flexi Task is because I was not sure how to do it so it always asks Manager first and then HR.  Would be cool to find more about this option


Anyway back to the main topic:


Purpose is so when a user makes a holiday request and is still in approval process (whether by Manager or HR) or even being already fully approved - yet, have the chance to cancle the workflow due to change of circumstances.


Now, in my opinion there are 3 steps depending on the status: Pending, In Progress or Approved.

Therefore, I have added a Switch function which checks the status and goes down the branch, in return it stops the relevant workflow and sends out an email notification., as seen below:





The Terminate Workflow action does sent out an email to requester notifying that the request has been cancelled but the Approver is not aware of it ?? Also, when the Manager goes to the approval screen, he may see some errors?



How can I make a more user friendly cancellation, so that 3 parties (Manager, HR and User) is aware about it?!



Any suggestions...