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How to retrieve all data from SharePoint 365 list into a form ??

Question asked by asadki on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by asadki

Hi Team;

I have a list (full of data) with fields : Name, Address, Manager,Notes, date

How can i retrieve all this data in a form, i want to query every row and write the data, then move to the next row and print the data in the form, i think i should use labels and calculated values ...but, how to make it automatically creates a new "label/calculated value" to print the data, as i don't know how many rows i will have in the list;


the result should looks like :


Name user1, your address is : address1, your manager is : manager1, 

notes : notes1


Name user2, your address is : address2, your manager is : manager2, 

notes : notes2



Thank you for your help in advance !!