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HELP with Nintex form insert reference iFrame

Question asked by tonyareznor on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by emha

HELP!! I have recently started using Nintex forms in our SP 2013 environment and I LOVE them.  However, I have ran into an issue and cannot seem to resolve.  When I attempt to edit a form and insert a reference anywhere my tabs in the reference iFrame are missing.  (see image) .  I do have a custom masterpage attached to our SP but I removed it and that still did not resolve the issue.


There is an inline style that sets the height in iFrame but I cannot get access to those pages to change.  I have tried every css style that I can find to modify to no avail. 

Has anyone ran into this?  I am desperate to fix this issue so that I can finish my form.  Sharing the iframe code below to show where the height is controlled.  using my dev tools, if I change this height to 778 I can see the tabs but I cannot get to this block of code to edit it.


<iframe class="ms-dlgFrame" id="DlgFramebf7430e7-dfd0-40c8-9343-879c4d4a503d" src="{EC9CD9DC-D1B7-4975-B989-C40911F9CF4B}&amp;Runtime=undefined&amp;HidefnTab=undefined&amp;ContentTypeId=&amp;Category=listform&amp;htmlOutput=true&amp;mode=1&amp;approvalContext=true&amp;includeSensitiveWFConstants=false&amp;IsDlg=1" frameborder="0" style="width: 640px; height: 478px;"></iframe>