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Adaptive List Lookup according to SharePoint list attribute

Question asked by jroueche on Feb 19, 2018
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I'm working on a Nintex form containing several fields including two drop-down lists (List Lookup). The first one is linked to a SharePoint list configured with many attributes (columns) and containing many entries.
The goal is to make the second list values adaptive according to a specific property (SharePoint list column) of the selected entry but not the displayed one on the first drop-down.


I already tried the following workarounds by implementing custom JavaScript:

  • Hide or show one of the two superimpose lists lookup linked to various SharePoint lists
  • Adding or removing entries on the second list according to the first list value’s selected by the user
  • Editing second list HTML source list attribute to dynamically adapt connection to SharePoint list


These alternatives do not resolve the issue. In some case they just have not effects on the form or the during the form submission it send more than one value for the second list (due to the hidden list lookup) …
Do you guys have any idea how can I achieve my goal ?




Jérémy Rouèche