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Need help with a Change Management workflow

Question asked by jdandersonct on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by shrinivasnaik

Greetings, We have created an IT change management solution that requires that members of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) all agree on an outcome before the next step in the workflow is executed.


For an Unplanned Request for Change (RFC), we have a Flexi-task that sends a task notification to the 7 members of the CAB asking them to review and either Approve or Reject. The next step in the workflow is to notify the deployment technician that the RFC has been approved and it's okay to proceed. We have the Flexi-task set to "All Must Agree On a Specific Outcome" (Approved). However, this requires that all CAB members are available to vote, which is often not the case.


Here are the requirements I wanted to get help with. We'll need help constructing the associated workflow:

  • Our assumption is that this step involves a Flexi-Task
  • In the event that all 7 CAB members are unavailable to vote, we need at least 4 people to all Approve the task. Ideally, we would also put a time limit on voting of 2 hours from the time the Unplanned RFC is submitted. If there are at least 4 votes for Approve before the 2 hour deadline then the item is approved and moves on to the next step in the workflow.
  • Not meeting the above conditions = Reject

The current workflow is attached. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Jay.