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Readonly Permission to Requester after form submitted

Question asked by ashrafansari on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by shrinivasnaik



I am running through a scenario where I am required to give ReadOnly Permission to Requester when request is submitted.



  1. I am using state machine.
  2. The workflow has 4 levels of approvals, at each stage I am setting the Status Column as following, “Approved By Supervisor”, “Approved by Superintendent”, “Approved by Dept. Manager” or “Approved by HR”.
  3. As the workflow runs with Initiator permission, I am unable to  set to readonly. If I set readonly permission for the item level then the workflow is failed as it is unable to update the list using status column.
  4. I am unable to use impersonation using “Action Set” as Action Set doesn’t provide option run as Publisher account.


Please suggest me what is the best possible solution for such scenarios.