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Reminder stop working at Pause Until

Question asked by emilytan on Feb 13, 2018


We have facing an intermittent workflow incomplete issue due to the reminder stop working at “Pause until” action.

The workflows was work like this:

  1. Send notification to person A to take some action outside workflow and then manually update the workflow status to “Completed” via Nintex form button.
  2. Run parallel
  3. On one side of the parallel run, send notification to creator, to inform their request has been submitted.
  4. On the other side, set the current Modified (datetime) value to a variable (variable A).
  5. Set a Loop action.Keep looping when status has not changed to “Completed”.
  6. Calculate the date, take the Modified (datetime) variable plus an hour and store in another variable (variable B).
  7. Set Pause until action, trigger when the current datetime match with “variable B”.
  8. Send notification to person A, to alert them to take some action and then update workflow status to “Completed” via Nintex form button.
  9. Set wait for item update. Trigger when status change to “Completed”.
  10. Set workflow status to “Completed”.

    I wonder is the “Pause until” only trigger when the current datetime match exactly the datetime in the variable? What if the Sharepoint timer service stop running during that time? Will worlkflow continue when the timer service restart?