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Why are the rules on this formular not working?!?!?

Question asked by mai-kel on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by mai-kel

Hi all,


I have a (responsive) form with a dropdown ("L1", "L2", "L3") and a people picker field. As soon as "L3" is selected it is mandatory to have a value within the people picker field. Unfortunately this is not working for some reason.


This is my form:

Name of the dropdown: LevelFreigabe


I tried these two rules (set on the people picker field):


Deutsch: und(istNullOderLeer({Self}), gleich("L3 - GHV / NDA", LevelFreigabe))

English:   and(isNullOrEmpty({Self}), equal("L3 - GHV / NDA", LevelFreigabe))


Deutsch: und(istNullOderLeer({Self}), enthält("L3", LevelFreigabe))

English:   and(isNullOrEmpty {Self}, contains("L3", LevelFreigabe))


Both didn't work. Is there something I have overseen?!?


BTW: I selected the named controls, I didn't write the names only down.