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Responsive Design Limitations

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by euang

I've tried designing one form in both Classic and Responsive design(s) and have noticed the following limitations in using the responsive design. It is a great feature but I want to collect what I can or cannot do with a responsive design, so the users would know why would we choose one style over the other?  


Can you please elaborate on what else you have noticed is different? 


Limitations of Responsive (compared to Classic Design) : 


1. Limited color/label formatting options.

2. Unable to show calculated "lookup" fields/functions from another list.

3. Unable to use Javascript (as it is not supported on mobile).

4. maximum of 4 columns (4 fields) aligned in one row.

5. Unable to overlap labels/descriptions of fields.

6. Unable to show/hide fields on the same spot based on condition. 

7. (not in all cases) I've personally experienced a very slow form when it contains multiple panels (about 15-20 panels) that show/hide based on yes/no selection. 

8. Form will render differently on each device, unable to control the layout based on device. Users will have to get used to whatever their device shows them

9. Unable to control which fields to show on mobile vs. desktop. 

         For example: I had a situation where I needed to show calculated lookups on desktop and was hoping that mobile          will show it as well, but given the limitations of not having the calculated lookup function working on mobile, we          had to take them out just from the mobile version.


If I'm incorrect on any of the above observations, please correct me.. 

Thanks for your input..