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Lookup from a list via calculated value

Question asked by bimi82 on Feb 12, 2018
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I am trying to implement the Lookup function by using the calculated value in a form.

Somehow, it does not seem to fetch the data from a People of Group field. ?!


There is a custom lists named:  Approvers which holds following column names:
note: the view is called: AllItems.aspx


  • Title
  • EmployeeID
  • EmployeeName
  • Approver


On the form, I inserted the Author field which shows "CurrentUser".

The calculated value holds the following:  lookup("Approvers", "ID", Author, "EmployeeID")


However, it does not pull the information apart from #Value!

The Author is a People or Group field whereby I use the currentUser function to input the current user's name in.



Hint: I also used the "|Approvers"