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Store and Retrieve Data Actions

Question asked by kunalpatel1029 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by emha

I have 2 lists:


1) It contains 100 items called Process (each line item is unique)

2) It contains list of 50 people


Now I need to assign task all 100 processes to each people from list 2. Below is the overview of my logic:


1) Query list to get list of all processes and store it in collection. I'm getting ID and Process collection.

2) Query all people and store in collection and also store IDs.

3) For each people, run another for loop for process collection

4) Assign tasks to each people. I need to create dynamic task notification, description, etc.



This approach is doing sequential process, so unless first task is completed it won't run for next item in "for loop" to assign task for next process. Also, I cannot create parallel action because people might get added or removed. If anyone knows how to create dynamic branches in parallel action !!!!


I thought about creating 2 different workflows and start the other one and use store data/retrieve data action. For this I thought to create 1 workflow which will do the query parts and will assign tasks using 2nd workflow. But since my task description, notifications, etc. are dynamic I need a way to pass that value from w/f 1 to w/f 2.


If I treat w/f 2 (which assigns flexi task) as a parent w/f, then w/f 1 will run query list many times and it will get the same data every time. Also if I send collection value then I need to a for loop to run for each item in the collection and assigned the task, which brings me back to my original issue i.e. sequential process.


My issue is that I want to use w/f using flex task as child w/f and to use retrieve data in child w/f.