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How to start a document down the workflow without a check in/check out

Question asked by alexander.kost on Oct 31, 2014
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I've been updating my company's workflow and have encountered an issue. Currently to start the workflow, we go into SharePoint and create a new document from an excel template. This is then saved into the SharePoint site. Right now this document must then be checked out, saved again, and then checked back in before it will move down the workflow to an "approval by manager" task. My goal is to automatically have the document sent to the manager once it's created and uploaded. However, when I removed the check in and check out items that were already there, the workflow never got past "starting" (our startup option is to start when an item is created). Is there a way to have a document sent automatically once it's uploaded so that the creator doesn't have to open the document he just created?


Note: Currently we have a state machine embedded before the "approval by manager task". Not sure if this matters. The state machine is set to send the document down the correct path. So...we go "Start" - "Check Out" - "Check In" - "State Machine" ---NEW BRANCH--- "Approval by Manager". When the "Check Out" and "Check In" were removed the workflow got stuck on "Starting". Is there anyway to fix this?