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Career changer needs help: Calendar workflow

Question asked by christophseiler on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by emha

Hi dear community!
First of all, my name is Christoph, 42 years old and i just started a job as SharePoint Consultant. I´m a career changer, formaly technical editor, and i´m an absolute beginner when it comes to SharePoint and Nintex. 


I need some small stepped help with a workflow i have to create for my company.
I want to create a workflow that daily checks a calendar for items that will begin in 7 days and sends once a notification to the assigned User.


I found following thread: 
Workflow to check calender for Items in future, to generate folder & tasks 


I started creating a Site Workflow, similar to the example above.
• Calculate Date: -7 days from today and write it to variable VarBerDatum -> works

• Lookup in List: Calendar1 Filter: Start time is smaller/equal VarBerDatum, write element IDs in collection SamElementIDs -> Don´t know if it works

• For each: This is where my problems start. I dont get how to configure it. 


How do i move on?
I know that i have to also set a metadata for the elements, from which the assigned user already obtained a notification. But on Site Workflow level there is not "Set Field Value" Action.


Please be gentle, i´m an old man


Thanks in advance!