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Update Repeating Section XML

Question asked by furstlars on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by emha

Can anyone explain how to update the XML in a repeating section? This existing post does nothing to describe it in detail.


My form/workflow at this point:


  1. WorkActivities multiline textfield that store the repeating section XML.
  2. Status is a XML node/calculated field with color names (Green, Amber, Red). A script on the list page converts the text to the colored circles below.


2. My workflow is currently able to loop through the entire list and also loop through the repeating sections to do other things I want it to do (for e.g. check Activity Due Date and send notification emails).


3. How do I use the Update XML action to update each repeating row's Status?  The method I'm using below updates only one row despite incrementing the IndexRepeaterRow variable in the XPath, after the loop. What am I missing?