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Issue with validation rule & StartsWith() function

Question asked by cralfano on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by cralfano

Hi All,


I'm new to Nintex and i'm having an issue trying to mimic a logic rule on a previous InfoPath form using the StartsWith() function. 


The old infopath rule is checking to see if a single line of text field named "Pallet" does not start with the letter "P". I've created a new rule and applied to this field on my new Nintex form but its not entirely working as I expected. It does show a validation error when the string entered doesn't start with "P" but it is also showing the message when you enter "P" with any additional characters after it.


Anyone know why this might be the case or what I can do to correct it?




Works as expected here


Validation goes away when you enter "P"


Any character or number added after P causes it to reappear.