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Form Cascades & Query List Email Notifications: Flexi Task Assignee Resolved as Blank Text

Question asked by sphillips on Feb 7, 2018
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Updated 2-8-2018 (new workflow PDF)

We need assistance in debugging and executing what should be a fairly simple workflow operation, or if there is a specific instance of this use-case scenario that we can emulate, please provide link(s) and/or attachment(s).


We’ve been at this for a while now and we would like to get it resolved ASAP. We have not seen anything that is comparable. Some people use For Each/Collection Variable to send to a group. We are sending to individual assignees. A department is picked and two notifications get sent. THAT’S the gist of it. J


IN A NUTSHELL: IT Capability Request Form & Workflow


We want user supplied values from our Nintex form to trigger a workflow to an IT member who will evaluate the contents of that request form submission.


CASE SYNOPSIS: Our form has a pair of fields that are set to cascade via lookup columns in two different lists. When a department gets picked, an email goes to the designated assignee for requests related to that department function. The Initiator also gets an email notification saying that their form has been submitted successfully.


Those Initiator notifications ARE working. The notifications for our “Reviewer” are not getting sent (“varEmailNew” variable currently failing in Flexi Task.)


"The User To Assign The Task To Has Resolved As Blank Text"
"User to assign the task to has resolved as blank text."


We would like to use Flexi Task if possible as the Reviewer has at least four possible outcomes to choose from for project advancement. I believe I have properly configured those outcomes, but the email variable for the Reviewer designee has never passed through successfully.


Flexi Task configuration


In the form choice below, I have chosen myself to be the Reviewer notification recipient as I would like to test completely in a cycle of that role. The Reviewer then completes the second panel of the form (hidden from the user) to record data related to the project request upon receiving the CTA instructions from Flexi Task.


LookupCategory (SharePoint List)

LookupApplication (SharePoint List)

Cascading Form Lookup

  *Disclaimer: I'm not actually in Human Resources




  •       What is the simplest way for us to build and configure the email distribution piece to our Reviewers for this simple Workflow?
  •       The form logic pulls from two different List Lookup controls using lookup columns. Should we also be mirroring that logic in our workflow?



FORM: User picks department  Department selection is mapped to a Reviewer designee  Form is submitted

WORKFLOW: Receipt confirmation notification is sent to the Initiator upon submission  CTA notification sent from Flexi Task to Reviewer to analyze submission or can be delegated to another team member

Thanks again Nintex Ninjas!


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