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How to create a new share point list from a repeating section data on a form for item level detail ?

Question asked by chinnaiah on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by emha

I have a project form with a repeating section with four fields (Item No, Item Description, Quantity and Cost). Every time a new project is created, one can add one or more items using the repeating section which is stored on my share point list as a single value (connected to a multi-line text column).


My form looks as follows 


Primary key on my form 

Project ID  



Repeating Section 

Item No           Item Description           Quantity            Cost 

1                          ONE                             10                    $5 

2                           TWO                           20                    $4

3                          THREE                          30                  $3



My share point list looks like below 


Project ID                   Repeating section 

123                            xxx 1 xxx ONE xxx 10 xxx $5 xxx 2 xxx Two xxx 20 xxx $ 4 xxx 3 xx THREE xxx 30 xxx $3 



I would like to create a new share point list which is linked to the original list, so that I can have an item level detail for each project ID that I can use to report on. My final solution would be a new list, linked to the old list / form which provides an item level detail for each project ID. 



New share point list look like below (final solution) 


Project ID          Item No             Item Description          Quantity           Cost 

123                       1                             ONE                       10                   $5

123                       2                            TWO                         20                   $4

123                       3                          THREE                       30                   $3


I have tried using a work flow with Query XML, for each and collection operation to get the data collected and stored into my four collection variables (for four repeating section fields). But, I am unable to write that data with a project ID to a new share point list as shown above.


Thank you.