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How to create "Office 365 update item permissions" ?

Question asked by tranminh.tan on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2018 by tposzytek

Dear all,

I using Nintex Forms & Workflows for Office 365 on web. I have created a Approval Process List by Nintex Forms & Workflows. Description for my purpose: when the users create a new item on the List, a new form will open for input information with two button "Save as Draft" and "Submit". After click "Submit" I want to lock the user cannot edit the current item. I have tried some tips & tutorials on Nintex Community but my Nintex Workflows have just "Office 365 update item permissions" and do not have "Set Permission" or anything else. And I get stuck at "Office 365 update item permissions". Please view my workflow image below.


Item ID and URL Collection

Office 365 update item permissions

Office 365 Update permission

I insert "Send an email" to the final step to get the Item_ID_Link_Output & Item_Link_Ouput to test and make sure the workflow is working success, if it have something wrong or stuck, I will not receive the email. The Office 365 update item permissions is not working, user still can edit the item after "Submit". Please help me for this case. Thanks