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Nintex Forms Custom JavaScript Includes file not found IE11

Question asked by mpinuel on Feb 5, 2018
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Since a few days, users who opens a Nintex Forms in the browser Internet Explorer v11, it doesn`t work correctly.

I’ve been investigating the error and it seems that Internet Explorer isn’t charging properly the Custom JavaScript file includes as a reference in the Nintex Form settings.

I’ve this file referenced in each of the Nintex Forms of the application:

When I open the Nintex Form in Internet Explorer, all the functions contained in the "MP-Form-Pro.js" file aren’t loaded. For example, I have a function that it’s invoked from the Save button launch an error: SCRIPT5009-Function is undefined.

This happens since a few days and only with Internet Explorer. I’ve tested in IE 11.192.16299.0. In others browsers like Google Chrome (v63) or Microsoft Edge (v 41.16299.15.0) it works properly, finding the file and the JS functions correctly.


Has anyone else had a similar error in the last few days?


Thanks in advance!