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Can you create an action rule?

Question asked by brianknight on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by brianknight

I read in this post Nintex Form Rules to set the value of controls – Customer Feedback for Nintex  that you could now create action rules for single line of text controls.  It was in the newest update.  I went out, downloaded and installed that update.  However, the rule is still missing from my controls.  Am I missing something? I also need this functionality in date controls.  I'm guessing that is not available.  Essentially I need to identify when someone enters a date into a specific control.  When that occurs, a value needs to change in a single line of text control.  That will allow me to kick of a workflow that checks for this value.  If the value equals a specific number a handful of emails are sent out.  This was a function I had in Infopath forms and it allowed me to do things behind the scenes without user action.  Cause we all know if we ask users to do something extra, it will never happen.