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Create and email PDF

Question asked by anton93 on Oct 30, 2014
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Hi all,

iI'm new here and new to sharepoint/Nintex and am looking for some guidance!


I have a work flow on list, which takes user input and puts it into a word document, which then is saved to a library. - this works!


From this library another workflow runs, converting the docx to PDF. using a regex which takes the docx and replaces it with PDF then using the file converter to make a PDF. Up until this point it works, though it is very slow.- is there another service I can call to do this faster? (It's taking 10mins or longer at the moment).


Once converting the file to PDF, I have a send email notification. Which takes an email address from the list and sends the PDF. How do I attach the PDF in the library to the email?


IF you need to know anything else please let me know

Thanks in advance