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Approval request depending on product category - - > conditions?

Question asked by lynnkkp on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by lynnkkp

I want to create an approval workflow for promotional activities.

My company has 4 product categories and 4 category managers, each of them is responsible for one product category.


If an employee requests a promotion, the category manager(s) have to approve the promotion if their/ his product category is concerned. I have already created an additional list which lists the category product and the responsible category manager. You can see the form in the picture to understand the approval request.


There are 4 options:

1 product category - approval of 1 category manager is needed

2 product categories - approval of 2 category managers is needed

3 product categories - approval of 3 category managers is needed

4 product categories - approval of 4 category managers is needed


If only one category is chosen, the workflow will not be a problem. I would have used a simple "set a condition", which than looks up the category manager's email to send the approval request. But I do not know how to create a workflow, which will request the approval of other category managers, if more than one category is chosen in the form.


Do you have any ideas?


Many thanks in advance :-)