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How can I send the output of a list query action in a single email?

Question asked by rcoketrs8 on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by rcoketrs8

I have successfully configured a Query List action to filter a list based on certain criteria. If I use the "Run Now" function within the action is displays the information correctly. In my case they are Assigned to and Title. I have these outputted to single line of text variables. I then have a Build string action which uses said variables and creates another single variable which I interest to an email. The issue is I get individual email notifications for all of the items on the list (112) rather than the 3 I want.


Side note, upon logging information to history throughout the process it would seem that it logs the filtered assigned to group on items that are assigned to different groups. IE - I want to only see tasks assigned to A however within the workflow of a task assigned to B it says within the log in history task that the assigned to person is in fact A which it isn't.