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Creating multiple Assign Flexi Tasks can impact on workflow size?

Question asked by pyae on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by jpmhuls

I would like to clarify the size of workflow, will the workflow significantly increase based on the number of Assign Flexi Tasks or number of operations such as conditions, lookup the value from another list, etc? E.g. I have to assign the task to different owners based on the criteria. Criteria one assign to owner A for approval, Criteria two assign to owner B and so on. If I have ten criteria, I have to create ten Flexi Tasks. It will increase the size of workflow, right? So, I am trying to optimize the size and performance of the workflow, I will check the criteria and pass the owner to the variable then assign it to the one Flexi Task at the end. Please advise, if anyone has a better approach to optimize the workflow performance. Appreciate for your sharing.