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Workflow task form

Question asked by ulee on Oct 30, 2014

Hi All,


I am using Nintex workflow 2010 and InfoPath Designer 2010.

I want to edit default task form for ALL tasks from Assign flexi task action. I have ab

When I go to Configure Action: Assign Flexi task > Edit task form > Edit with Info Path got following prompt:

"This action is using a form shared with other actions. Would you like to edit a separate instance of the form?"

and OK or Cancel to select from.


I go Cancel, than it opens Infopath form and edit it.Form is saved to newly created library and quick published

Then workflow is published.


It didn't change all tasks so I went and Clicked OK before editing template. Published form and workflow. Same issue.


Remaining tasks in Assign flexi task are still using old task form.


Is there a way of editing default form for the particular workflow?