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Previous/Next Button on Nintex Form Receive "No Item Exists" Error

Question asked by on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by eharris04

I am wanting to add a Previous / Next Button to a Nintex Edit Form.    The following code has been added to the Client Click section of the button:   Next Button:  window.location = "Site URL/Lists/IAMGlossaryNavSettings/EditForm.aspx?ID=" +(ID+1)    Previous Button:   window.location = "Site URL/Lists/IAMGlossaryNavSettings/EditForm.aspx?ID=" +(ID-1) .     When clicking the Previous Button or Next Button on the form, the following error will display because a certain ID does not exist:  "No item exists at...  It may have been deleted or renamed by another user"  Does anyone know how to get around the "No Item exits" error?    Will this require additional Javascript?   If so any help with the JavaScript would be appreciated.