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have a form /workflow  where 3 department need to complete the same form

Question asked by damien24 on Jan 24, 2018
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Hello All,
We purchased Nintex Form and Workflow  for Office 365 recently. I have a special request for our legal team and would like to know how to deal with please.


They would like to have a workflow form where 3 department need to complete one form.


  1. Customer service department will initiate and submit a request form with information.
  2. It will reach the quality and legal team who need to complete one part of the form them submit to Supply chain department
  3. Supply chain department will take action and update their action in the form and submit
  4. The form finally will return to quality and Legal team again and they will close the loop….



I started with a form like below but not sure how to manage the flow with the form…  and if it’s possible to in that way. The difficult part is:  the form and completed information should remain visible for approvers during the workflow progress…


Any advice will be appreciated. Please let me know if you need more information about my workflow to advice…


Thank you,