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Flexi Task Erroring: "User to Assign the Task to Has Resolved as Blank Text."

Question asked by sphillips on Jan 25, 2018
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Hello again Nintex Community:


I am developing a workflow for my team that we are trying to execute that ends when a designated department decision maker (chosen via a Nintex Form to receive an incoming IT request) chooses a project outcome for the submission.


*Rewind: The person who gets selected in this workflow is intended to be the same person from my last post
"How Do I Send Individual Email Notifications To A Column Based On Selections Made In Another Column From The Same SharePoint List?"


Our Workflow is currently erroring at the Flexi Task control. What are we doing wrong here?
Workflow for IT Request Analysis & Approval
Capability Request outcomes for Designated Reviewer
Assignee variable for the Reviewer who will be first point of contact in the Workflow unless delegated to an Analyst by Reviewer.
Error report from SharePoint


Our workflow notification is successfully being sent to the Initiator (Project Requestor), but the CTA email is not being triggered for the Review/Validation person to execute from the outcomes in the Flexi Task control as currently configured.


  • What should we do to make this development workflow operational?
  • How can we make it better optimized/more logical?
  • Should we consider State Machine deployment in this design, or is what we have here currently enough for what we are asking it to do?


Thank you once again awesome Nintex Ninjas! 


Stephen Phillips

IT SharePoint Analyst/Digital Solutionist

Nashville, TN