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List workflow to save an element attribute into the "Nintex Workflow Task List" for later filtering

Question asked by paavoheikkinen on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by emha

Dear Community,


I am looking for a smart way to add information to the workflow task for management & controlling when running a list workflow. 

The workflow is starting when an element ist created, and creates various tasks. The same tasks appear for various elements on random frequencies. To have a better overview of what tasks are open, I am using the "Worflow Tasks" list where the worflow is by default saving the tasks. (I have more tasks list according to the best practice guide, but for simplicity we can talk about one). I have included some relevant information from the element in to the task-title but am now looking for a way to add element specific information to the worflow task for filtering later. (e. g. adding the cluster of the element also into the task list).


I have not managed this with the "update element" -action. Any ideas?


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