GET Web Request - Response Content with special characters?

Discussion created by scc on Jan 19, 2018
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Hello everybody,


In my workflow, I use a GET Web Request to read the contents of a CSV File in SharePoint.


In the CSV File, there are many values with special characters (ö ä ü, etc. ) that are typical in german speaking countries.


However, when using the GET Web Request, it is unable to read these characters and replaces them with a symbol.

e.g. "Durchführung" becomes "Durchf�hrung"




I have tried to afterwards fn-xmldecode that content, but it didn't work.


I also tried adding various headers to the GET request, but not sure if I did that right.
Anyways none of them worked.


Then I tried to save the original CSV file in different encoded formats (UTF-8, ANSI, ISO-8859-1) but that did not change anything either.


Any help would be appreciated!


Many thanks in advance