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What Should the Project Server Workflow Platform Be? Project Server 2013

Question asked by pallni on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by pallni

Hello Nintex Community,


Apologize for the question, but my Nintex demand workflows are not starting when a new project is published (this is my first try).  The only action I have in the workflow is to set a project stage.  I have requested the logs from my administrator to look into but I think have spotted an issue.    I attached a screen shot from SharePoint Designer showing that my Nintex Workfows are publishing with the platform type of SharePoint 2010 Workflow.  This does not seem right but I don't get a prompt when I publish a new Nintex demand workflow like I do in SharePoint Designer.  The "IT Project Workflow" is my demand workflow and I think should at least be attributed to Project Server like the designer workflows are.  I have scoured Nintex help articles but do not see anything mentioning a platform type. 


I am not the farm administrator and did not do the initial install.  Is there anything I can ask him to check on the Central Admin side that this needs to be changed?


Thank you.