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Blank or Whitespace validation

Question asked by emilytan on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by chelledavis11


I have a mandatory Text field with the following validation rule formula.

Visitor1=='' && (isNullOrEmpty(trim((Visitor1FirstName))||Visitor1FirstName =='') && (Visitor1LastName!='' || Visitor1Organisation!='')

The validation should work like this: if the drop down (Visitor1) is not selected then Visitor1FirstName and Visitor1LastName and Visitor1Organisation should not be empty. [See below Image]Validation fields

It work perfectly, if the these three fields were empty when Visitor1 is not selected. However, if a space was entered to any of these fields, somehow it ticketed the blank space as a value and bypass the validation.

So how to validate the blank or whitespace in Nintex form Text field?